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The Skype or just "Skype" is program used by the people of the Fidgey Universe. Fidgey created skype as soon as he created the universe. Skype was originally meant to be used for communication, but wars have broken out, many of them. 


Skype was created seconds after Fee created the universe. It had sat frozen for millions of years, and when the internetz was created, fidgey unfroze it, releasing it.


Runescape / Gmod eraEdit

The most ancient era of skype, and the first civilazation.

Notable Account openings :

  • Ahmed
  • Fee

 Pennie EraEdit

Summer 2011 - Summer 2012

The pennie era.

Notable Accound Openings :

  • Kalen
  • Joe

Boot EraEdit

The third era of skype, where the Boot was first created and introduced. In a skype call, the boot was accidently used, and it was thought as "kicking the call". After learning of its power, the boot became a very dangerous tool, and the most fucking annoying. It still lasts today. The Boot Empire revovles around the boot. 


Skype is notable for having many empires. Empire's usually revolve around the Booting tool, being abused in every empire there is/was. 

Notable Empires :


(See page Boot) Boot (not to be confused with kick) is a option first introduced in a skype update during 2011. It is used to eject one user of a skype chat. It is very notable for being abused throughout skype history. At first it was thought to "kick a call", but once it's true power was figured out, it quickly became abused. Many empires formed around the boot, one of the empires being the "boot" empire