The Boot Empire
The Mascot of the Boot Empire
Vital statistics
Position Main Empire
Age 5 Months
Status Disbanded
Physical attributes
Associations Skype
Aliases Boot
The boot empire is the longest running empire of

The Skype, revolving around the Boot feature in skype. It is run by Fidgey (Fee) and other notable skype users. It is known for it's harsh use of the boot, kicking many users for unfair reasonss. It lasted from March 2012 - August 2012. It is part of the boot era. The Boot Empire also used the Kick feature, but it was just mainly a backup tool for Pre Host's.


When the Boot's power was first recongized, it was already becaming abused. It did not became insanely popular among The Skype until he start of the pennie era, where Kalen Pennie was first introduced. He is mostly to blame for the Pennie Era, The Boot era, and the boot empire after deemed how annoying somebody could be. Although he was not the leader of any of there eras/empires, he was still a important figure in The Skype and was apart of the Rebel Empire.

The Pennie EraEdit

This when the boot Empire began to form, after meeting kalen in late 2011, it became clear how annoying a skype user could be, so the boot began to be used more and more. Eventually, in earlier 2012, the boots power was so abused that The Boot Empire was formed, and it was the end of the Pennie Era.

The Boot EraEdit

The Longest era of Skype and the most annoying. Almost every call ran around about the debate of the Boot. It was eventually disbaned by a rebel named Joe, who took it down along with every fucking user of The Skype


The Boot empire began to fall in May 2012, with many of the users already starting to rebel. The Rebel Empire was officialy formed in June, which ran until the end of the boot empire. By the end of the empire, friendships had been ruined countless times, and everybody wanted to blow their fucking brains out.

Soilders and CiviliansEdit

In reality, everybody was apart of the boot empire. If somebody had used the boot, they were adding to the boot. 

Everybody was in the boot empire knowing it or not, but almost everybody wanted it taken down.