"Kick" is part of the skype family. See The Skype or Boot.

Stop.. fucking... KICKING ME!!!! - Every skype user at least once

"Kick" is feature in The Skype, which is used during a Skype Call. Kick is used to temporaily remove a user from the call. The user can choose whether to join back to not. The user is kicked from the call but not the chat. The only person is a call who can kick another user is the Host, regardless of rank. If there are only two people in a call, kicking the other is just hanging up. Kicking is usually confused with booting.

History of KickingEdit

We are pretty sure kicking has been around since the start of The SkypeFidgey says he added it as soon it was released on the internetz. 


Kicking is usually used to get another user out of the call when they are playing music or being a faggot (see kalen) Similar to Booting, kicking is often abused. 

Similarties to BootingEdit

  • Stopping another user from being a dick
  • Often Abused

Differences to BootingEdit

  • Temporaily removes a user
  • User can join back

Reasons to be kickedEdit

  • Being Loud
  • Being Ignorant
  • Being a Hypocrite 
  • Playing Music and not stopping
  • Being generally annoying

Examples of people who should be kickedEdit

  • Kalen Pennie
  • Legoman6986