Fidget (Fidgey/fee)
Vital statistics
Position Creator
Age Forever, Physically 8 Years
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Associations The Fee Cartel, Gods
Aliases Fidgey, Fee, F
Fidgey (full name : Fidget, known as 'Fee') is the main god of all things (not only cate) and the creator of the universe(s). He created Cate, and the universe where Doge was created. Doge was created by Bodie, who created himself. Fidgey is the god, and one of the main crime kingpins in the universe. His net-worth exceedes any others, and has been put offically as an "godly networth". 

Backround and HistoryEdit

Fidgey created himself at the start of time, after thousands of years of chilling with satan and his niggas, he created the universe. He then played the role of god as humanity evovled. Eventually after being the role of a very important character in the Fidgey universe, he became a crime kingpin with the help of Muqit "Jo" Khandaker through a very succsesful chain of nightclubs. 

Creating Skype and the Skype FamilyEdit

The Skype is a networking electronic communications device created by Fidgey himself. A program used by the people of the many universes, people can talk to each other through this application, no matter where in the world. Even though Fee's intentions of the Skype were good - a bunch of hood niggers were assholes, and Fee's intentions for Skype falled miserably,and Skype has been used for wars. Multiplie empires and crime rings have been founded, along with the abusing of power tools, like the Boot tool and the Kick tool. Era's and civilianzations have been created and formed. The Runescape and GMod Era lasted for about 300 years (3 liek months irl) and was truly brutal. Many other notable era's have been formed.

The Boot Empire was the longest lasting, most corrupted, brutal and biggest douchebag filled organization founded via Skype. The main theme of the empire revolves around the abuse of the Boot feature in skype, and also the misuse of the Kick tool. The empire was unoffically founded by many Skype leaders, such as Fee himself.

Doge and CateEdit

Although Fidgey's physical appearance is a cate, he has declaimed himself completely neutral in the cate vs doge.