Vital statistics
Position Main Disturbtior
Age 40
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Associations Fee Cartel
Aliases currymonster

Ahmed is nigger who runs the 711 which he uses to distrubute his drugs. He is in works with Muqit "Jo" Khandaker and Fidgey with his Club distrubition. He is well known for eating much curry.


Ahmed joined with Muqit and Fidgey during 2013 and begin his distrubition. He makes well over 1,000,000 income of the revenue. He is a main distrubitor for Muqit and Fidgey. 

Curry ArrestEdit

On Decemeber 10th 2012, Ahmed was arrested for possession of curry. He was almost sentenced to 30 days of jail, but was luckily free to walk with 2 months of probation. 

LCPD Notes

Arrest, 12/10/12

Ahmed, Arrest for Possession of Curry

Released with 60 days probation.